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Culture and Wine Region

Just like the Mediterranean, is what you hear everywhere.

Both local residents and visitors agree when asked what it's like in Kaltern am See - also known as Caldaro al Lago, which makes it a place with more than one name and many different faces. Coming from the north, there really is so much southern flair that hits right after crossing the Brenner Pass. Still a few spruce, larch and pine but yet also palms. And they're deep in the soil, not in pots. Cypress, fig and olive trees. And then the vineyards, which is the last bit of evidence needed to prove: You're in the south.

Good wine has always been produced in Kaltern - and now it is achieving international recognition. Given this tradition, the local wine producers, along with the whole village, have decided to embark on a new quality offensive project: “wein.kaltern”. The first step was the creation of an internationally protected trademark, which expresses the essence of the community.

The wine trail was strategically created in the shape of an eight, with its crossing point at the Winehouse on the village market square, and leads you past vineyards and wine estates all the way to Lake Kaltern. White limestone road markers provide information on the unique names of the vineyards - such as Puntara and Palurisch, Salt and Plantaditsch. There are four resting stops along the way, marked by bronze plated information tables.